Sunday, January 22, 2012

For The First Time

I'm not a big do it yourselfer, but I do have a lot of blank spaces on my walls.  Instead of going out and hitting up antique stores and thrift shops for posters I might like, I decided to make something for like the first time in my life.

I started out running down to Hobby Lobby and wondered around the store for a good half an hour.  While there, Eden took a crap that nearly clogged the toilet.  It's not really important for the story, I was just proud of the little gal.

Just my luck, Hobby Lobby was having a sale on Mod Podge so I stocked up.  Got some paint brushes and some foam brushes, acrylic black and metallic white paint and some canvases.  We sprung for some stencils (four different fonts in 4 different sizes) and checked out to the tune of about $50.  Not bad.

We went to dinner at McKay's Taphouse in Richland.  (Strongly recommend.  The bad review there was written on their busiest night so I feel bad for the guy, but it's really not that bad.  Lots of beer on tap!) and proceeded home.  I wanted to stop by Adventures Underground (yeah, I don't have a link for that one.  Sorry guys) but they had closed early. I made do with what I had.

So, supplies:

1.  Foam Brush
2.  Small Paint Brush
3.  Stensils
5.  Your favorite books/comic books/art/what ever.
6.  Paint of your favorite colors.
7.  Canvas.  
8.  (optional) tea of coffee to dye your paper!

I chose Kurt Vonnegut because he also had doodles in all of his books and I didn't want my thing to be boring.

If you're brave, you can simply cut out what you want from the books directly.  I'm not brave.  I made copies.  I didn't like the stark white of the ink on the printer paper, so I threw it in a tea/coffee bath to stain it a bit, then tossed it in the oven for about 30 seconds on 170.

Tea Bath

In the Oven

After I made about 30 copies of things, I Mod Podged them to the canvas.  I waited for it to dry (took about 30-40 minutes) and stenciled my quote on.  Once I get a little better at stenciling, this project will be a lot more fun.  

I'm going to head down to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore today.  Rumor has it they've got some old cabinet doors for really cheap and the texture of them will be fun to play with.

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